Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I really cant wait to update this space soon. I have been wanting to do that for a very long time�� Anyway, the past few months of my life have been the worst and the best time. I learnt alot about myself and the people around me. I'm truely blessed to have all my happy pills around me when the tough gets going. Really can't wait to update my blog again and do a quick picture blog update for the past few months. Xoxo, thatsnaqib

Monday, February 10, 2014


Hi i been updating my blog on dayre. Those who still come here can read my rants at dayre. Same name!!! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Since i have the time in the bus otw back to camp. I shall make a quick reflection on 2013 in case one day i feel fucked up about life (which happened to me occasionally these few months). No doubt i had the best time of my life in poly during my last phrase of  my senior year. I have never been so thankful with all the blessing i had given. I was given the best( to me) empire and work with people im so comfortable with. (Avi) Getting my distinction for my FYP and also graduated with diploma with prize will never happened without the months of fucked up feeling that i would fail and also not forgetting with the support of my friends. I am very thankful to have my fyp buddies(mai,yinhui,esther,dash) that stayed with me throughout the entire 4 months. And still very glad we still meet up once in a while to update with our life. Also very blessed to have a small group of friends who still there for me even after we graduate from poly. I know that they a keepers for life. Will continue next time

Hope you guys have a blessed new year ahead. Make that 365 days filled with many good things in life. Be grateful. Be thankful. Be appreciative. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Very thankful for everyday. December turn out to be just fine. Please let the rest of december to filled with more blessing. Thank you,Allah. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I've been ignoring this big lump in my throat I shouldn't be crying Tears were for the weaker days, I'm stronger now

The most shittest week just passed. Pray for a stronger body and mind for this coming week. Field camp and live firing and alot of fast march. Oh I really need to be happy again. I been so jaded for so long already. Dear Allah, Please  help me find positivity in this tough training that I am going through. Im tired of just going through the motion and learn nothing out of it all.

May I be stronger.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dear Allah ,
Can you send me a Guardian Angel to help me, guide me and be my friend so that i could get back up again, stronger.

Monday, August 12, 2013


Be thankful
Be greatful
Be appreciative

3 weeks will pass by fast.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Don't leave me

Such an awesome feeling of visualizing what you want and making it into a reality. 

Feeling jaded at 3am in the morning. As usual, I cant seem to fall alseep these few days. Idk why. There are so many what if's in my mind that I cant find the answer to it. I still can't believe time passed by so fast these few weeks especially during the month of Ramadan. These few days of sleepless nights, I looked back on how much life had change for me. 
Above is yesterday's night reflection. Anyway good week ahead. Have a blessed day!

(credits from Tumblr)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Feeling a lil sad thinking about what i going to do with my life. All the things i am afriad of suddenly came crashing on me. My fears, my doubts and everything neg come to my head at a lighting speed. I know that time is not on my side and soon i will be serving the country for two year in 2 weeks time. Yes it sound so long but everyday the time passes by so fast it scares me. And i know so many things will start to change and i think i am not ready for the change. I wish this moment will stop forawhile.I finally like how everything is in my life right now and dont wan it to end so soon. I came to the stage of my life that im blessed with people im surround myself with. Im blessed that i met the right people at the right time. Im blessed to have a family who will support me no matter what. Im blessed with a small circle of friends who i know will stick with me for a very long long time. And surprisingly all of them came to my life without warning. They came when I was on rock bottom. im very thankful to met them. My favourite rangers, nab, junjie,twt,saad,munn,winter, my avi fas,raissa,eric,breakfastclub, dsc/doc 12/13 ,dsc 11/12. Im very thankful for everyone of you who made my life more happier than i usually am.

My dad told me how lucky i am with so many opportunities coming to me lately and i pray that it will continue to come. Thank You , Allah for giving me the best lately.

I came to realise that what you want is only a stop away. And the key to it is to ask and you will be given. Provided it makes sense ah. You can't possibly ask a new car and expect it to arrive in the next day. Ha ha ha You get what i mean.

I wish that ns will be a smooth on for me and i will learn as much as possible. What doesnt kill me, makes me stronger.

I wish one day i'll find the happiness i been looking for all my life. Be happy with being myself without hating it every single second i looked into the mirror.

Goodnight. I wish i can update this diary throughout   my entire journey in NS and see how far i go. Till next time, have a blessed week to those who still stumble into my blog. Ah , its been so long since i write whats on my head. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

You’re the only that I want with me

backspaced everything I poured out and let this week filled with pictures and less words.

 Thankful for having them during my secondary school life.

Dinner with Raissa mer eric and esther at strictly pancakes

 I think this is by far my favourite hairstyle and also color since poly days and I have to cut it in a few weeks time. sigh

Crazy over smoothie since I bought a blender. ^^

The best food I ate for this week with Nuriah and Sarah. #grateful

No plans weekend can be nice sometimes and spending time with family doing nothing after a rough week is good. #blessed.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


This week in pictures
Ramadan/the breakfastclub/designer's life/cravings/new things

Been trying to eat healthy ,exercising regularly and also thinking positively this month. I read that Lemon does alot of wonder to your health and I was telling my mum how much I love lemon cause I bought 3 lemons after a short jog near my house. And today, she bought like 10 huge juicy lemonss. WWHOOP WHOOP!! #thankful

The week have been quite a good one. Met up with my fyp mates over at simpang bedok and also learning more about whats designer's life all about since I been working at a small interior design firm for the past 1 and half months. What i know is that this path is not what I really want to do for the rest of my life. But I kinda like how its feels like when my design is being used by my boss. And I have this love hate relationship with 3dmax also. Anyway a countdown of 13 more days in the company. I gonna miss the company of Nuriah, wendy, jun heng and chiew ping after I leave though. Oh not forgetting sarah and luke who are now enjoying life.

Have a blessed weekend to whoever stumble to my old blog. xx

The breakfastclub



Sunday, July 7, 2013

As easy as knowing all the words from your favourite songs.

Weekend in pictures.
Its been quite a blessed month so far. And its gonna get better because Ramadan is coming. I hope I can fast for the whole entire month like i used to. May I change into a better person at the end. May my health gets better. May I be more forgiving and also happier. And this applies to my family and friends. :) God Blessed everyone.


I am very thankful to have them in my life.
May this week pass fast because I cant wait for the the weekend to come. 

getfloated is coming soon ^^