Thursday, January 1, 2015

Life changes, and so do we.

Really excited for 2015 because for a few reasons. 

1. I gonna let go of something I used to hate so much in my entire life. (Never in my life have I ever hated doing so much and forced to do it) I think those who I have confided last time during the beginning of my national service should know how depressed I was and i also blogged on my other more private platform sometime last year ah. Well I kinda actually adapted to it few months ago last year. Oh my oh my 161 days left to go!!!!��������

2. Embarking on something new. Well I actually have no idea what I really gonna do in 161 days from now but all I'm know it's gonna be something better than what I had planned before i enlist! I'm sure taking photo is really has been my all time favorite pastime and baking has been a recent hobby I been doing for the past few months. 

3. My sister is getting married this week!!! Everything seems to be going so fast.  But I am so happy for her!! 

4. Hopefully I can travel more this year because I will be working full time once I ORD. Hence, more money to save !! There are a few countries I wna go but shall talk about this next time!!

5. The final reason would be getting my braces this year!!!! I had been waiting for 3 years already and only decided to save up early last year!!! Well I actually got long  way to go before I can actually get it but I'm sure this year would be the year!! 

I really really believed that this year will be a very good year with so many new experience I would be doing!

Even though 2014 had been a year of letting go of a lot of people/things in my life, it's also have been a year of receiving. I really believed that what you give is what you get. And I still believed that about the theory of "ask and you shall receive"
Oh oh this year's resolution would be to be thankful and also grateful for all the good and bad things in life!! And also earn as much money as possible and travel!!! Hahahaha </center>